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Clean production started in 2019

Company Event
2019/04/28 09:42
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New year new life. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, the hot atmosphere of the Spring Festival was strong, and the people of Yang family returned to work with a happy mood, opening a new journey in 2019. More than 100 employees and their families gathered in Yang, and they were very lively.
The chairman of the board first delivered a speech: a warm welcome to the visiting family members, expressed gratitude to the hard-working employees, and expressed their hopes and enthusiasm for the company in 2019.
He said that in 2018, all employees of the company always implemented the business philosophy of “clean production, green manufacturing”, and all the work was fully developed, and the scale of development was steadily expanding;
In 2019, the company will advance toward higher and further goals. Afterwards, the family members visited the company exhibition hall accompanied by employees, watched the corporate promotion video, witnessed the development history of Yan Yang in the past 19 years, and “zero distance” to understand the working environment and business situation of the employees, and to draw the distance and emotion between the enterprise and the employees' families. After the visit, everyone praised Qi Yang's corporate culture, brand building and office environment.
At the end of the event, all the people took a group photo at the door of the company. The scene was a joy and peace: everyone’s face was filled with deep spring, and a happy smile was on the corner of the mouth.

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