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Clean production 2018 annual finale

Company Event
2019/04/28 09:43
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At the end of the year, Yan Yang ushered in a crucial period of production and inventory. In this busy ending season, Yan Yang is based on the current situation and solidly promotes key projects. The departments are in a tight and orderly manner, and the main battlefields of the sprint are transferred to all parts of the country: Hefei, Chongqing, Changting, Zhenjiang, Anqing, Wuhan... ...Yang Yang can be said to bloom everywhere, fruitful and fruitful.
The goal remains the same, the task is not reduced, and the momentum is not loose. The staff of Yanyang adhere to the consistent style and maintain a good working situation. With full passion and high morale, they are concentrating and sprinting, keeping a close eye on the construction period and proceeding strictly according to the plan. Installation progress, ensure quality service, complete the installation and commissioning projects with quality and quantity. Efforts will be made to do a good job at the end of the year to ensure that the company's work in 2018 will be completed.
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