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Purify cutting fluid, guard green production

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2019/04/28 09:42
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Since its inception, Yantai Yuyang Machinery Co., Ltd. has always focused on clean production and green manufacturing. The company's formal management and strong technology, quality service, through multiple assessments, was selected by Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. as a partner. While improving the processing efficiency, the enterprise ensures that the green energy saving of the production process has become an indispensable part of the daily work of the enterprise.
As one of the companies committed to green production, Danfoss Group has always adhered to the production philosophy of purifying cutting fluids to protect green production!
Founded in 1933, Danfoss Group is a global multinational company headquartered in Denmark, a world leader in refrigeration, heating, water treatment and transmission control manufacturing. Founded in 1995, Danfoss Tianjin is the largest production base of the Danfoss Group in the Asia Pacific region. It is responsible for the production of refrigeration gates, commercial compressors, sensors and heating control products. “Since entering the Chinese market, all employees of Danfoss Tianjin have worked together to contribute their strength to the company's development. The company has been rated as “Advanced Foreign Investment Enterprise” by the Tianjin Municipal Government every year and has been evaluated by the Customs Department for more than ten years. As an AA company, and since 2008, our company has continuously obtained high-tech enterprise qualifications, which have injected strong momentum into our future development.” Mr. Wang Haiqing of Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was interviewed by reporters. The achievements of the company are numerous.
Figure 1: Mr. Wang Haiqing from Danfoss Tianjin (pictured right) and Mr. Zhang Yujie from Yantai Yuyang (pictured left) entered Danfoss Tianjin Company.
The reporter did not see the messy production environment. It was the neatly divided work area. Every staff member was responsible for his work and concentrated on his work. According to Mr. Wang Haiqing, Danfoss Group attaches great importance to the work experience of employees, so the protection of the working environment is very important, which is also in line with the company's green and environmentally friendly production philosophy. As a multinational company, the Danfoss Group always maintains the highest requirements for production equipment and is therefore very cautious in purchasing. “In the past, Danfoss Tianjin has been using imported equipment, which will not only prolong the production time of the products, but also increase the production cost. If the equipment needs to be debugged during the production process or needs the support of the equipment supplier, the production cycle will be further increased. “As the largest production base of the Danfoss Group in the Asia Pacific region, Danfoss Tianjin wants to better cooperate with Chinese customers and shorten the production cycle while ensuring the quality of production while ensuring that Chinese customers can In the shortest time to receive the product, the company will focus more on the local equipment suppliers in China. It is also at this time that Yantai Yanyang's cutting fluid purification equipment has attracted the attention of the company.” Yantai Yuyang Machinery Co., Ltd. Since its inception, the company (hereinafter referred to as “Yantai Yu Yang”) has always focused on cleaner production and green manufacturing. The company's formal management and strong technology, quality service, through multiple assessments, was selected by Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Danfoss Tianjin") as a partner.
Figure 2: The latest investment in the workshop from the initial telephone communication, to the face-to-face exchange on-site inspection, and then to a number of comparisons, tailored a set of negative pressure centralized filtration equipment for the Danfoss Tianjin situation, on-site 25 The machining center, through the sewage pump overhead pipeline, unified transportation, cooling, filtration, supply, the process is as follows: In the machining process, equipment, tools, fixtures and workpieces constitute a completed process system, the cutting fluid is among them One of the key factors. Because cutting fluid can reduce cutting temperature, reduce tool wear, extend tool life, improve workpiece surface quality and reduce processing costs. As far as Danfoss Tianjin is concerned, due to the short production period, high precision and complicated processing technology, each piece of equipment is in high-speed machining operation, which puts higher requirements on the use of cutting fluid. “The production density of Danfoss Tianjin is high and the production scale is very large. Therefore, the centralized filtration of cutting fluid is an ideal choice.” Mr. Zhang Yujie, technical support of Yantai Yuyang Machinery Co., Ltd. told reporters. The cutting fluid purification equipment provided by Yantai Yanyang for Danfoss Tianjin provides a temperature-stable cutting fluid for processing equipment in high operation, which ensures that the cutting fluid does not contain particles larger than 50μm in diameter while taking away iron filings. It does not contain any miscellaneous oil. “Our cutting fluid purification equipment can also recycle the cutting fluid while filtering the iron filings, maximizing the use efficiency of the cutting fluid and ensuring the effective management of the emulsion liquid in the production workshop.” Mr. Zhang Yujie Introduce the road.
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