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KB1A Rubber Roller Separator


KB1A Rubber Roller Separator

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Rubber roller separator consists of housing, reducer, magnetic roller assembly, rubber roller assembly, scraper and guiding board. Reducer yields output power and drives magnetic roller to rotate, and magnetic conductive impurity is absorbed by relying on continuously rotating magnetic roller. Simultaneous to magnetic conductive solid particles being separated by magnetic separator, part of non-magnetic conductive impurity can be separated.

Rubber roller separator is applicable to processing circumstances for emulsion, water base synthetic fluid and low-viscosity cutting oil, and is able to separate micro slaggy chips, muddy chips and cotton-wool chips. Rubber roller possesses the characters of fine abrasion resistance performance, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Separated chips can achieve dried state through grinding effect collectively by rubber roller and magnetic roller, and separation ratio for chips is able to reach above 90% (weight ratio).

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