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KB1B Comb Separator


KB1B Comb Separator

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Comb separator consists of housing, reducer, comb magnetic roller assembly, chip scraper and guiding board. Reducer yields output power that drives magnetic roller to rotate, and magnetic conductive impurities are absorbed by relying on sustainable (or intermittent) rotating magnetic roller. Simultaneous to magnetic separator separating magnetic conductive solid particles, part of non-magnetic conductive impurities can be separated.

Comb separator is suitable to processing situations for emulsion, water base synthetic fluid and low-viscosity cutting oil. It separates needle chips, flake chips and particle chips, and chip separating rate can be above 90% (weight ratio). Water entry end of housing can operate intermittently by mounting liquid level command control motor, so that the chip separating efficiency are improved and water content in separated chips is reduced.

Comb separator contains two basic types, and they adopt different magnetic materials to achieve different separating effects and to satisfy the needs of different working conditions.

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