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KB1C Chained Bar Separator


KB1C Chained Bar Separator

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Chaine rod separator is a type of immersive magnetic separator. Chains are installed on both ends of magnetic rod, and closed magnetic rod is immersed in Dirty tank and two layers of magnetic grille are formed. When contaminated fluid permeate magnetic grille, magnetic conductive impurity is absorbed by magnetic rod. Driven by reducer motor, magnetic rod brings impurity out of Dirty tank. Scraper device on chained rod separator cleans the impurity absorbed on the surface of magnetic rod, and impurity is discharged by screw conveyor.

Chained rod separator is a type of magnetic separating device without consumables. It is widely used in purifying cutting fluid in the process of mechanical processing so as to enhance processing technique, improve surface processing quality of workpieces, and extend working life of cutting fluid.

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