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KB2A centrifugal drier


KB2A centrifugal drier

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Centrifugal dryer is composited by housing, cone-shape chip inlet, fluid outlet, internal drum, shock absorber, bottom framework, screen mesh and driving motor. Driving motor drives internal drum to rotate at a high speed, thereby fluid in chips is separated from crevice board by the action of centrifugal force, and chips fall off from the crevice board so that chip-fluid separation effect is realized.

Centrifugal dryer is suitable for fragmentary chips, and recovery of fluid can be above 90% (weight ratio).

The balanced structure design of centrifugal dryer is characterized by low noise and insignificant vibration. It realizes long-term continuous operations and automatic clean of return fluid tank. Cone shape design for screen mesh usefully avoids blocking formed by tiny little chips. Special internal drum can correspond to varying flow rate within certain range. It can maximally be applicable to chips in various materials. Not only it can provide online deoiling, but also can provide centralized treatment.

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