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KB3D Floating Slag Separator


KB3D Floating Slag Separator

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Scum separator is composited by housing, main driving shaft, driving wheel, secondary driving wheel, stainless steel mesh belt, chain, tensioning structure and reducer. Reducer drives stainless steel mesh belt to conduct rotating movement. Stainless steel mesh belt is immersed into cutting fluid, which can bring out Scum floating or suspending in liquid. When Scum rotates to the front chip guiding bucket along with mesh belt, due to gravity effect, Scum falls off into chip collecting trolley along chip guiding bucket.

Scum separator is suitable for centralized filter water tank that easily forms Scum. The materials select premium stainless steel, and abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance treatment is provided for main components. Work operations are stable and are of noiseless. It is equipped with mechanical overload protection, and is safe and reliable.

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