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KB3E Oil Dehydrator


KB3E Oil Dehydrator

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Dehydrator of oil is composited by housing, oil inlet, oil outlet, filter bag, and water absorbing bag. Water absorbing bag is made by special materials, and has the characters of hydrophilia and non-lipophilicity. It is suitable for processing situations such as grinding oil and cutting oil.


Dehydrator of oil is generally paired with oil storage tank, pipe pump and pipeline. Oil storage tank shall be designed as square body with funnel bottom structure. Pipe pump inlet operates intermittently underneath oil storage tank, and pumps the oil-liquid mixture at the bottom of oil storage tank into dehydrator. When the mixture passes through water absorbing bag, absorption property of water absorbing bag is utilized to fulfil the purpose of dehydrating from oil.


It is recommended that when installing dehydrator, valves are mounted respectively at oil inlet and outlet, and pressure gauge is mounted at pipe for oil inlet. Water absorbing bag after saturation shall be replaced on a regular basis in accordance with different actual working conditions.

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