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KA1C Magnetic Conveyor


KA1C Magnetic Conveyor

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Magnetic conveyor consists of housing, reducer, driving chain, transmission chain and permanent magnetic box. Reducer yields output power, and is transmitted onto transmission chain via related components on driving chain and housing. Transmission chain drives magnetic box to conduct rotating movement, by which chips are conveyed to nominated station along with the stainless steel board on top of housing.

Magnetic conveyor can provide sufficient scope of selection. Quantity of conveyance of the machine is configured through changing conveying speed and conveying width. It is mainly used for conveying powder, particle and chips with length less than 100mm, and is applicable to steel and cast iron chips.

Magnetic conveyor is classified into two types as per structure and size, and they are suitable for long distance conveyance of chips under different conditions. Size of different parts of the machine for each basic type can be flexibly designed in accordance with the requirements of main machine so as to achieve the best configuration results.

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