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KC1A Flat Mesh Filter


KC1A Flat Mesh Filter

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3D Animation

Flat filter comprises members including housing, driving motor, driving chain, filter medium, screen rod and chain mesh.


Chain, screen mesh and filter cloth on transmission mechanism appear to be curve shape, by which contaminated liquid bucket is formed. Cutting fluid that carries impurities evenly flows onto filter cloth through water tray, whilst tiny chips and impurities are intercepted on filter cloth through which filter cake is formed. Filter cake participates in the work as filter layer, by which filter effect is effectively enhanced. Along with the increase of contaminates accumulated on filter cloth and rise of contaminated liquid level, transmitter emits signals, reducer drives chain, screen mesh and filter cloth filled with contaminates to move collectively, and contaminates and contaminated cloth fall off into waste cloth box, so that automatic change of filter cloth is realized.

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