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KC1B Rotary Drum Filter


KC1B Rotary Drum Filter

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Drum filter is mainly applied to filtration of cutting fluid in metallic processing field, and is useful for improving surface precision of workpieces and extending working life of cutting fluid.


Drum filter is composited by reducer, transmission part, filter cloth and control part.


During operation, contaminated liquid accesses into filter chamber from side liquid inlet, and tiny little impurities are intercepted by filter cloth. Along with the impurity layer intercepted by filter cloth being thicker, infiltration quantity of filter cloth falls, liquid level rises, transmitter sends order, reducer commences operating to drive stainless steel mesh belt to discharge filter cloth and impurities. With the introduction of new filter cloth and fall of liquid level, a new cycle commences.


Drum filter entails two basic types, and one-time filter cloth or recycled filter cloth can be equipped.

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