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KC2A Scraper Filter


KC2A Scraper Filter

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Scraper filter is widely used in filtration of cutting fluid so as to enhance processing technique, improve processing quality of surface of workpieces, and extend working life of cutting fluid.


Scraper filter is comprised by transmission mechanism, reducer, one-time filter cloth (or recycled filter cloth), Rehydration Tank, scraper housing, liquid replenishing pipeline, flushing bottom pipeline, pressure supplemental pipeline, feed liquid pump and electrical control system.


Cutting fluid flows into scraper filter through liquid rotary drum. Scraper filter is provided with screen board on which filter materials are laid. During operation, cutting fluid infiltrates filter cloth, impurities are intercepted by filter cloth and filter cake is formed. Filter cake participates in filtering operations, by which filtering accuracy is improved. Along with fall of infiltration quantity, when negative pressure formed in negative pressure tank achieves pre-set value, purified liquid in the Rehydration Tank fills negative pressure tank, and negative pressure is eliminated. Scraper chain driving mechanism starts and moves filter cake and filter cloth forward in certain distance, and they fall in chip collecting trolley. In the meantime, new filter cloth is laid on screen board, and driving mechanism stops. Thus, scraper filter completes one filter cycle, and constantly works in cycles in this way.


Scraper filter is able to realize full automatic work and remote monitoring control. Pre-coating device can be selected to be paired in accordance with working conditions of precise grinding. Range of flow of treatment is (20m³/h-1000 m³/h).

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External dimensions (H=3m~8m,W=1m~2.7m,L=5m~25m)

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