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KC2B Slant Bed Filter


KC2B Slant Bed Filter

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Slant filter is comprised by following parts: Dirty tank, purified fluid tank, driving system, transitional pump, vacuum pump, filter pump, feed liquid pump, filter belt cycling system and electrical control system.


Transitional pump pumps the cutting fluid in Dirty tank into filter chamber, and impurities are intercepted by filter belt. Filter cake is gradually formed on the surface of filter belt. Along with filter cake growing thicker and filter ability weakening, liquid level rises accordingly. When preset liquid level is hit, transmitter sends out order, reducer operates, and cleaned filter belt is moved into filter zone, whilst dirty filter belt carrying filter cake is moved out from filter zone and gradually rises. Afterwards, filter cake is dehydrated under the effect of vacuum pump, and filter cake is removed under the effect of cleaning mechanism and enters into chip collecting trolley. Filter cloth is cleaned and enters into the next cycle.

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