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KC3A Reciprocating Filter


KC3A Reciprocating Filter

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Reciprocating filter is widely used in filtration of cutting fluid, by which processing technique is improved, processing quality of surface of workpieces is enhanced and working life of cutting fluid is extended.


Reciprocating filter consists of movable upper compartment and fixed lower compartment. Filter cloth is laid on top of lower compartment. While operating, the upper compartment is pressed downwards and sealed under the effect of compressing air bag, whereby a filter chamber is formed above filter cloth. After cutting fluid enters into filter chamber, impurities are intercepted by filter cloth. Filtered fluid flows into clean liquid tank via lower compartment. Along with filter cake grows thicker and flow rate drops, pressure of filter chamber increases. When pre-set value is reached, stop filtering, and start discharging fluid and blowing to dry filter cake. After filter cake is dried, lift upper compartment, and reducer drives to move cloth to discharge slag. The next cycle commences afterwards.


Filter materials can select one-time filter cloth or recycled filter cloth in accordance with different working conditions.


If precision of filtering is required to be high, pre-coating device can be added.

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