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KC3B Tunnel Filter


KC3B Tunnel Filter

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3D Animation

Tunnel filter is composited by pumping set, pipeline, and filter cloth, driving motor and pneumatic clamping mechanism.


There are openings in both front and rear sides of filter chamber of tunnel filter. Whilst filtering, air cylinder is pressed and sealed; filter pump operates to pump cutting fluid containing impurities into filter chamber. When passing over filter cloth, impurities are intercepted. After filtering for a period of time, velocity of filter fluid infiltrating filter cake decreases. When pressure value hits set value, start discharging fluid and blowing to dry filter cake. After filter cake dries, seal boards on both sides open, and reducer drives to move filter cloth and discharge slag. The next cycle commences afterwards.


Filter materials can select one-time filter cloth or recycled filter cloth in accordance with different working conditions.


If precision of filtering is required to be high, pre-coating device can be added.

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