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KC3C Multilevel Filter


KC3C Multilevel Filter

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Multilevel filter is a type of multi-layer filter apparatus, and is composited mainly by hydraulic system, double-layer filter board, filter pump set, filter cloth and pipeline.


Each layer is used as an independent filter unit. Filter cloth is laid at adjacent two layers. Cutting fluid containing impurities infiltrates filter cloth, and impurities are intercepted by filter cloth. Filtered fluid enters into purified fluid tank. Along with filter cake grows thicker and flow rate drops, pressure of filter chamber increases. When pre-set value is reached, stop filtering, and start discharging fluid and blowing to dry filter cake. After filter cake is dried, lift upper compartment, and reducer drives to move cloth to discharge slag. The next cycle commences afterwards.


Multilevel filter is able to provide bespoke size of each layer as well as number of layers of filter boards according to client’s actual conditions. Compared to other filters, area occupied can be significantly reduced.

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