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KC3D Candle Filter


KC3D Candle Filter

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Candle filter is featured with high efficiency, energy saving, seal, high precision, easy maintenance, safety and reliability, and high automation.


Candle filter mainly comprises pump set, pipeline, valves, tank, filter element, filter cloth and electrical control system. Multiple filter elements are set within filter tank, and optional special filter cloth as per property of filter fluid is mounted to exterior of filter element. While operating, filter pump works to pump cutting fluid into filter tank. When cutting fluid passes over filter cloth, impurities are intercepted. After normal filtering for a period of time, filter layer has intercepted sufficient impurities, thereafter velocity for filter fluid infiltrating filter cake decreases, filter efficiency deteriorates, and filter layer needs to be replaced. At this point, system will operate reversed blowing for falling of filter cake and discharging slag. The next cycle re-commences afterwards. For certain working conditions, filter precision can be improved by adding pre-coating filter device.


Filter area of filter tank can be adjusted according to length and quantity of filter core.

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