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KD1B Lift and Turnover Device for Chip Collecting Trolley


KD1B Lift and Turnover Device for Chip Collecting Trolley

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Lift and turnover device  is mainly used for lifting chip collecting trolley to certain height and automatically completing turnover, and dump the cutting chips in trolley.


The device comprises machine bracket, chain, hydraulic system and oil cylinder. Hydraulic system supplies power to drive oil cylinder to stretch out and draw back, drive chain wheel and rack rises by traction of chain, and further chip collecting trolley is driven to rise. After a high position is reached, relative effect of bent board and pulley wheel completes turnover.


Lift and turnover device  can realize turnover for various types of chip collecting trolley only by welding forklift holes on chip collecting trolley. External dimensions and power of the device are determined as per width of the chip collecting trolley, loading weight, and height of lifting.


It is characterized by cleanness, easy maintenance, strong suitability, and special attention paid on operability and safety design.

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