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KE1A Rotary Shredder


KE1A Rotary Shredder

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Rotary shredder is mainly comprised by rotary blade assembly, rotary blade supporting bearing, fixed cutter and driving fixture. Rotary blade assembly entails that rotary blades are fixed on spindle, adjacent two blades overlap and form certain included angle and both ends of spindle are supported by bearing. Fixed cutter is fixed on rack, and presents alternating-complementary structure with rotary blades.


While operating, driving device drives rotary blades to rotate, whereby materials are fed into the machine and cut by rotary blades and fixed cutter repeatedly. Chips after shredding are discharged from bottom of the machine.


Rotary shredder is divided into two basic types: type 1 is single spindle type. It is mainly used for shredding of materials such as compressed plastics and extruded aluminum profile; and type 2 is double spindle type, and is mainly used for shredding of metallic chips of curve and strip shape.

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