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KE1B Reciprocating Extruder


KE1B Reciprocating Extruder

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Reciprocating extruder is mainly applied to cold extrusion forming of fragmented chips of various materials, and recovery of extruded cutting fluid.


The machine consists of hydraulic system, control system, storage and materials feeding, and extrusion forming. Hydraulic system adopts axial plunger pump, and highest pressure of the system can reach 30MPa to ensure extremely low moisture content of materials. Full automatic control enables automatic operations when materials are available, and stand-by when materials are absent, so that energy consumption is minimized. Storage and materials feeding system ensures even feeding without bridging. Extrusion forming mold adopts abrasion resistance materials.


Chips of aluminum alloy, cast iron, copper, stainless steel and titanium alloy can all be extruded. Recycling rate for cutting fluid in chips can achieve 95%.


Reciprocating extruder encompasses three models.

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KE1B-1 outside view of vertical extruder


KE1B-2 medium horizontal extruder


KE1B-3 large horizontal extruder

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