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KE3C Air Flotation Unit


KE3C Air Flotation Unit

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Air flotation unit is mainly used for separating suspended matters, grease, colloid and alga in water.


The principle is that under certain pressure and conditions, air is dissolved into water in maximum to reach saturated state. The formed pressurized air dissolved water is released through special device. Substantial micro bubbles rapidly generated fully contact suspended matters in water afterwards. Under the effect of flocculate particles, bubbles and suspended matters form into steady air-entrained flocculi, of which density is less than water. As a result, air-entrained flocculi rise to water surface rapidly, and suspended matters agglomerate into Scum. By scraping Scum, the cleaning fulfils the aim of separation of solid and liquid.


The entire equipment is characterized by integrated design, compact structure, and high performance-price ratio. It enables automatic scraping of Scum.

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