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Scraper Filter System


Scraper Filter System

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Scraper filter system is widely used in filter of cutting fluid to enhance processing technique, improve surface processing quality of workpieces and extend working life of cutting fluid.


Scraper filter system comprises scraper conveyor, scraper filter, oxygenation pipeline, formulated fluid pipeline, emptying circulation pump, feed liquid pump, temperature control system and electrical control system.


Cutting fluid is conveyed to liquid feeding pipeline, and to machine tools at various branches through feed liquid pump set. Fluid used by machine tools backflows to filter system through return fluid pipeline or trench, and falls into scraper conveyor via liquid rotary drum. Cutting fluid with initial sediment and filter flows to negative pressure filter through overflow pipeline. Filtered cutting fluid is conveyed to liquid feeding pipeline through feed liquid pump, and operates in cycles.


The system can realize full automatic operations and real-time remote monitoring control. Optional pre-coating device can be selected for precision filter. Range of flow rate of treatment is (20m³/h-1000 m³/h).

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