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Tunnel Filter System


Tunnel Filter System

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Tunnel filter system is comprised by Dirty tank, filter pump set, tunnel filter, Cleaning tank, feed liquid pump set, temperature control system and control system. Filter materials can select one-time filter cloth or recycled filter cloth as per different filter medium.


While operating, filter pump set pumps the contaminated fluid in Dirty tank to filter chamber in filter, and impurities are intercepted by filter cloth. Along with increased impurities intercepted by filter cloth, filter layer is thickened, filter flow rate drops, and pressure in filter chamber increases. When pressure reaches set value (or reaches filter time), filter pump stops operating and starts discharging residual fluid in filter chamber, and blows to dry filter cake. Sealed board on both sides are opened afterwards, driving motor operates, filter cloth is changed, and residue is discharged simultaneously. Feed liquid pump pumps to convey purified fluid in Cleaning tank to machine tool for the use of processing components. If there is a requirement on fluid temperature, refrigerating system can be added.


Due to the system contains processes of blowing and drying, and slag discharging, generally one stand-by and one use mode, or multiple use one stand-by is adopted in order to satisfy production and processing demand.


The system can realize full automatic operations and real-time remote monitoring control. Optional pre-coating device can be selected for precision filter. Range of flow rate of treatment is (20m³/h-1000 m³/h).

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