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KA2B Hydraulic Conveyor


KA2B Hydraulic Conveyor

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Hydraulic conveyor is composited by tank, Vortex Impurity pump, liquid level alarming device and electrical control system.

The bottom of hydraulic conveyor adopts semi-sphere structure. The flow-in cutting fluid flows in the appearance of vortices without occurring sediment. It enables automatic inspection of operations to avoid cutting fluid from spilling. Hydraulic conveyor equipped with Vortex Impurity pump can pump the chips together with liquid flown into the equipment into return liquid pipe. Vortex Impurity pump connects to return liquid main pipeline through check valve and manual valve to stop contaminated fluid from returning and facilitate the repair of Vortex Impurity pump. In the meantime, one branch of pipeline is used for rinsing the internal part of hydraulic conveyor to prevent forming the sewage deposition and hardening.   

Hydraulic conveyor contains two forms of liquid inlet: one is liquid inlet from above face panel, and generally, this kind of liquid inlet is equipped with tuck net; and the other is liquid inlet along with the direction of cutting line, and generally ,this one is provided with flange.

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